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New ESL Materials Available in Transparent Language Programs Posted by on May 6, 2015 in For Learners, For Libraries, Learning Material Updates

We’re thrilled to offer more than 100 languages to the libraries, schools, organizations, and individuals who use Transparent Language Online and the CL-150. But we’re not stopping there!

New languages and content are always being added to our flagship programs thanks to the feedback we receive from the communities we serve. In response to the growing need for English as a Second Language (ESL) materials, we now offer ESL content for speakers of 25 different languages. We’re very excited to announce the addition of ESL materials for speakers of two new languages: Somali and Haitian Creole.

With English support for Haitian Creole and Somali speakers, communities with large Haitian and Somali populations, such as Burnsville, MN, will be better able meet the needs of those that walk through the library’s doors. According to Maureen Gormley, Library Manager for Burnsville’s Dakota County Library, “Minnesota has a large number of Somali immigrants and public libraries have been looking for better solutions to offer them in acquiring the language skills they need. The libraries that support these communities will get great value out of these new resources to help the Somali community learn English.”

ESL haitian creole

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