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Get a New Lease on Languages with the New Transparent Language Online Posted by on May 11, 2015 in Company News, Product Announcements

Earlier this year, we announced the launch of the new Transparent Language Online for Libraries . We’re back in action and completely thrilled to announce that we’ve brought all of those new features to every Transparent Language Online account – for both our Education customers and independent learners! What features, you ask?

A Brand New Look: Don’t you just hate those people who somehow look better with age? Well, you’ll love that about Transparent Language Online’s brand new user interface. With the new design, you’ll spend less time trying to learn the system and more time actually learning the language!

russian alphabet course

Master the alphabet in our new and improved alphabet courses!

The New Learning Path: When it comes to learning a language, sometimes you have a goal in mind and sometimes you have no clue where to begin. The new Learning Path in Transparent Language Online is here to help either way. Your Learning Path will make suggestions on where to begin, but you’re in control. Search through our extensive collection of lessons and vocabulary lists, then add and remove items so you can focus on what you want to learn.

Add and remove lessons from your Learning Path to meet your specific goals.

Add and remove lessons from your Learning Path to meet your specific goals.

Practice Activities:  Love that you can dictate what you’re learning? It doesn’t stop there. In the new Transparent Language Online, you can also choose how you learn it. Communicating in another language requires a lot more than words and phrases – it requires skills. In the new Practice mode, you can choose from a suite of more than a dozen learning activities designed to build your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Struggling with pronunciation, for example? Focus on speaking activities.

Get extra practice in your "weak spots" in Practice Mode.

Get extra practice in your “weak spots” in Practice Mode.

Support on More Platforms: You’re in control of the what and how, but we haven’t stopped there. The new Transparent Language Online works on any Internet-connected device, including tablets, letting you choose when and where you learn. And no, we’re not just talking about an app. You can actually access Transparent Language Online directly from a web browser on your iOS or Android™ tablet. Of course, you can learn offline too with the free companion Transparent Language mobile app, which will automatically sync your data when you next log in online.

transparent language online

Learn on the go on your tablet!

More, Smarter Feedback: One of the challenges of using a self-guided program is tracking your progress. The assessments and Learned Words and Phrases Refresh system in Transparent Language Online have your back. You can track your own progress in the redesigned Learned Words and Phrases chart (located right on your Dashboard), which shows you how much you’ve learned. Not only is this visual reminder motivating, it also helps you retain what you’ve learned by turning items from “Fresh” to “Stale” over time. Haven’t reviewed a handful of vocabulary items in a while? The Learned Words and Phrases system will prompt you to do so, ensuring that the material stays fresh in your mind.

If you don't use it, you'll lose it, but Learned Items won't let that happen!

If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it, but Learned Items won’t let that happen!

No More Waiting: Learning a language takes time, but your language learning program shouldn’t be slowing you down. The new Transparent Language Online uses the latest HTML/JavaScript frameworks, meaning loading time is next to nothing. Click and you shall receive!

Find a library near you that offers Transparent Language Online. None close by? Print this info card and bring it to your local librarians to let them know you’re interested, or sign up for the free trial!

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