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Celebrate Digital Learning Day! Posted by on Feb 15, 2016 in Archived Posts

Technology is revolutionizing the way we do, well, just about everything. From communicating to shopping to learning, “there’s an app for that.”  Tech has turned the academic world upside down, and we’re not just talking about flipped classrooms. Digital learning can differentiate learning, speed up instruction, and remove time and place restrictions:


“Digital learning emphasizes high-quality instruction and provides access to challenging content, feedback through formative assessment, opportunities for learning anytime and anywhere, and individualized instruction to ensure all students reach their full potential.”

While tech is empowering teachers and students to succeed, others—particularly in districts with fewer resources—risk being left behind. That’s why the Alliance for Excellent Education founded Digital Learning Day in 2012:

“Digital Learning Day was started as a way to actively spread innovative practices and ensure that all youth have access to high-quality digital learning opportunities no matter where they live.”

At Transparent Language, we’re in the business of providing digital learning opportunities to language students of all levels, from K-12 to college to government professionals. We’ve witnessed the transformational power of digital learning and understand the significance of distributing that power to all interested teachers and learners.

That’s why we invite you to join in on the Digital Learning Day Live festivities this Wednesday 2/17, including 6 hours of live webcasts, Twitter chats, and Google Hangouts with national and local leaders, educators, and students. You can also explore hundreds of celebratory digital learning events going on throughout the U.S. this week (or even register your own!)

If Digital Learning Day inspires you to leverage more technology in your language classroom, check out Transparent Language Online for Educators.

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