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All You Need to Learn a Language is Your Library Card (Plus a Photo Contest!) Posted by on Aug 31, 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—September is Library Card Sign-up Month!  The American Library Association and libraries around the country remind parents that “a library card is the most important school supply of all.” Of course, community members of all ages can benefit from a library card—especially if they are learning a language!…

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Danish Numbers: Out-Frenching the French Posted by on Aug 29, 2016

If you think French’s “four-twenties-and-thirteen” is a confusing way of saying “ninety-three,” just wait until you see Danish’s terrifying “three-and-fifth-½-times-twenty.” One of my favorite hobbies is complaining about the French system of counting. I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again. I think perhaps it’s because French numbers are a perfect representation of what my personal experience…

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How to Make the Most of Screen Time for Young Language Learners Posted by on Aug 24, 2016

Guest Post by Llacey Simmons Recent research indicates that technology usage and screen time is on the rise. With children and tweens (ages 8 to 13) spending an astounding nine hours a day using media, making this time more educational is essential.[1]  Leveraging technology engages and excites young learners, who are digital nomads by nature…

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Break the Rules to Succeed Posted by on Aug 22, 2016

As language learners, it’s easy to get caught up in the rules: what can be done, what can’t be done, what is and isn’t allowed. But sometimes it helps to remember that in language learning, they’re really more guidelines than actual rules… The DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) is like how I imagine the American frontier…

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3 Endangered Languages Being Revitalized in the US Posted by on Aug 17, 2016

When we talk about language diversity, the United States isn’t normally the first country to come to mind, but its 325 million inhabitants speak more than just English and Spanish. Over 470 languages are spoken by Americans, many of which are dying out as younger English-speaking generations never or only partially learn their heritage languages. But…

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Americans Speaking to Americans in French Posted by on Aug 15, 2016

What happens when you’re in a foreign country, trying out the language you’re learning, and you discover that the person you’re talking to is from the same country you are? Do you keep speaking the language, together but probably incorrectly? Or do you bashfully lapse into your native tongue? I have a pet peeve. I…

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Is English the Lingua Franca of International Sports? Posted by on Aug 10, 2016

“American professional athletes are bilingual; they speak English and profanity.” – Gordie Howe The Olympics have three official languages: English, French, and the chosen language of the host country (unless, of course, they speak French or English). Why English and French? English may seem the obvious choice, as American broadcaster NBC owns the rights to the next umpteen…

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