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Learning the “Essentials” in 80+ languages Posted by on Dec 21, 2020 in For Learners, Learning + Usage Tips

Whether you’re learning a language for fun, for travel, or even for professional reasons, you’ll want to start with the essentials. After all, if you don’t know the basics like question words and numbers, you can’t order a meal, let alone negotiate a deal!

No matter your language goals, the Essentials Course is the right starting place for you.

Available in 80+ languages, the Essentials Course will prepare you for common scenarios like meeting someone new, going shopping, and asking for help.

transparent language online essentials course vocabularyThroughout the 11 units, you’ll have the opportunity to:transparent language online essentials course

  • Master 500+ key words and phrases, which can be periodically refreshed to make sure you remember them when you need them!
  • Practice all 4 language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), which can also be practiced on-demand.
  • Get acquainted with basic grammar concepts through patterns and annotations on the vocab, which can be explored in more detail in the Grammar Reference.

Ready to start learning the essentials? In most languages, the Essentials Course will appear right on your Learning Path when you log in. If you don’t see it, you can search in the Browse tab for this course and any of our other learning materials.

Log in now, sign up for the 14-day free trial of Transparent Language Online, or get it free at a library near you.

Keep learning a language with us!

Build vocabulary, practice pronunciation, and more with Transparent Language Online. Available anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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