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Thai Holidays 2017 Posted by on Jan 4, 2017 in Culture, Travel, Videos

There are many holidays throughout the year in Thailand, many of them Buddhist in nature. The country also celebrates its own traditional New Year in addition to January 1st. Thai people celebrate the birthday of their beloved late King Bhumibol and his wife Queen Sirikit as their respective Father’s and Mother’s Days. Get ready for the year ahead by learning all of the Thai holidays as well as their names in Thai. Links to more detailed posts are provided where available.

January 1

New Year’s Day


wan kêun bpee mài

February 11 (observed on 13)

Makha Bucha Day 


wan maa-ká-boo-chaa

April 6

Chakri Day


wan jàk-gree

A Songkran parade on Ko Pha-Ngan.

April 13-15 (observed on 17)

Songkran/Thai New Year


wan sŏng-graan

Check out some Songkran highlights in this short video.

May 1

National Labor Day


wan raeng ngaan hàeng châat

May 5

Coronation Day 


wan chàt-mong-kon

A day to honor Buddha and his teachings.

May 10

Visakha Bucha


wan wí-săa-kà-boo-chaa

May 12

Royal Ploughing Ceremony

วันพืชมงคล  wan pêut mong-kon

July 8 (observed on 10)

Asahna Bucha


wan aa-săan-hà-boo-chaa

July 11

Khao Phansa Day

วันเข้าพรรษา wan kâo pan-săa

August 12 (observed on 14)

The Queen’s Birthday


wan-chà-lĕrm-prá-chon-má-pan-săa-sŏm-dèt-prá-naang-jâo prá-bor-rom-raa-chí-nee-nâat

October 23

Chulalongkorn Day


wan bpì-yá-má-hăa-râat

One of the many portraits of the king in Thailand.

December 5

The King’s Birthday 


wan chà-lĕrm-prá-chon-má-pan-săa prá-bàat-sŏm-dèt-prá-jâo-yòo-hŭa

December 10 (observed on 11)

Constitution Day


wan rát-tà-tam-má-noon

December 31

New Year’s Eve


wan sîn bpee

Now you’re all set to enjoy all of the many holidays that Thailand has to offer in 2017! If you want to learn Thai, we’ve got you covered with lots more resources.

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