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Best Posts for Hebrew Learning Posted by on Dec 21, 2020 in Learning Hebrew

Keep calm, 2020 is almost over. Hopefully, 2021 will be better, and we can all get back to our blessed routine indoors and outdoors. International travel will be easier, and Hebrew learners will arrive in Israel, to use their Hebrew face to face with native speakers.

עִבְרִית שָׂפָה קָשָׁה (Hebrew is a hard language) is a well-known saying in Hebrew. Hebrew is an old language with a long history. It has grammatical gender, verb conjugations, and vowelization system based on scriptures from more than two thousand years ago. And yet, millions speak the language daily. Fluency in Hebrew is definitely possible.

The key for Hebrew learning is practicing. Use any resource you can. These free online Hebrew learning tools, for example. Use our Hebrew Word of the Day, and this blog. To make it easier, I summarized up a few basic subjects to delve in, all published in our blog in 2020 and previous years, suitable from beginners to advanced.

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Food and Beverage

Food is an essential part of our life, and a great topic to talk about.

Hebrew Food Vocabulary

Hebrew Beverage Vocabulary

Hebrew Fruits Vocabulary

Hebrew Verbs for Eating and Drinking

If you are in Israel, you ought to try some Israeli food:

Falafel: the Unofficial National Food of Israel

Israeli Snack: Have You Tried Bamba Yet?

An Israeli Chocolate: “Cow Chocolate” שׁוֹקוֹלַד פָּרָה

And enjoy one of my favorite guilty pleasures  ̶  ice cream:

Survive a Long, Hot Israeli Summer with Ice Cream


Days of the Week

Talking about past experiences or future plans sometimes requires the mentioning of specific days. Learn the vocabulary and the syntax of using the Hebrew weekdays:

The Days of the Week in Hebrew

How to Use the Hebrew Days of the Week in a Sentence

Hebrew Weekend Vocabulary



You can describe almost any object with color. Your hair, your eyes, your clothing, your bag, your books, your car, your pet. Colors are basic vocabulary for every language learner.

Hebrew Colors Part 1: Introduction

Hebrew Colors’ Names: Black, White and Gray



If commuting or traveling, transportation is part of our daily-life.

Hebrew Vehicles Vocabulary: Part 1

The Many Drivers of Israel’s Streets

The Train to Eilat



Israel weather is pretty warm. Activities outdoors are available all year around, except a few days of heat wave or rain. And yet, each season has its charm, its holidays, and special dates.

5 Useful Hebrew Verbs for Summer

Hebrew Vocabulary and Grammar for the Winter

Winter Has Come in Israel!

Aviv and Stav: The Origin and Meaning of Two Common Hebrew Names

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The Hebrew Alphabet

Knowing the alphabet is the first step for reading and writing. Here are three ideas for a fun learning of the 22 Hebrew letters:

The Hebrew Letters: Learning the Alphabet with a Song

Road Games for a Drive across Israel

Israeli Scattergories: A Children Game for Learning Hebrew



Hebrew grammar is a little bit though. The main way to deal with it is immersion. Most Hebrew speakers aren’t familiar with the historic rules and the grammatical reasons behind the correct pronunciation, so don’t bother yourself, either. Keep listening and talking and eventually you will get the patterns of the language.

Hebrew Grammar: Feminine Nouns

Hebrew Nouns` Gender: How to Distinguish Feminine from Masculine

Hebrew Plural Nouns

The Hebrew Verb: Root and Binyanim

The Definite Article Prefix Hey Hayedia

How to use the Hebrew preposition “on”

Hebrew Grammar: Consonantal Roots

Hebrew Verbs in Action: Binyan Pi’el

Hebrew Verbs in Action: Binyan pa’al


Happy New Year, everyone! I wish you all health and joy. May the coming year will be filled with peace and happiness, family and friends. And, of course, Hebrew learning. I am here to guide you hand in hand through this fascinating journey of learning one of the oldest but most beautiful languages in the world. Feel free to leave me a comment in the box below. Together we will get fluent!


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