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Pinguistics: Using Pinterest to Learn a Language Posted by on Nov 26, 2014

Many of you are probably already pinning away on Pinterest, a social media network in the form of an online pinboard. From recipes, hairstyle ideas, DIY crafts, and workout tutorials to frivolous puppy pictures, Pinterest has something for everyone. That includes you, language learners. If you haven’t considered it before, curating a Pinerest board centered…

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“Hey Kids!”: Learning a Language with Your Children Posted by on Nov 24, 2014

From carting them around to school, practice, recitals and beyond, to feeding them three square meals each day, making sure they’re doing their homework, and trying to fit our own personal needs in there somewhere, our children often become our excuse not to take on new hobbies or projects, like learning a foreign language. For…

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How to Keep Multiple Languages Straight Posted by on Nov 19, 2014

Learning a new language is an immense challenge, what with all the grammar, vocabulary, expressions and idioms, and pronunciation to deal with. If you then toss another language or two (or five or ten) on top of that, the challenges compound themselves into a heap. For me, vocabulary is the hardest—for every new language I…

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Say Hello to the New Transparent Language Online Posted by on Nov 17, 2014

What have we been up to over the past year? We’re glad you asked. We’d like to introduce you to the new-and-improved Transparent Language Online! With a brand new interface, learning features, and faster loading speeds, language-learning has never been so fun, fast, or effective. Let’s explore some of the best to come: Brand New…

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Give Thanks in 30 Languages Posted by on Nov 12, 2014

‘Tis the season for being thankful. But you know what sounds a whole lot cooler than “thank you”? Merci, gracias, or takk. Spread a little multicultural gratitude this holiday season by learning 20 different ways to say “thank you.”   English Thank you Arabic شكرا Croatian Hvala Danish Tak Dutch Dank u wel French Merci German…

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