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10 Most Read Language News Blog Posts of 2015 Posted by on Dec 30, 2015 in Language Learning, Language News

Happy New Year, language learners. Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or you just found our blog in 2015, I hope our posts have been informative, inspiring, and entertaining. By now we all know the importance of reviewing, so let’s review the most read posts of the year! Before we dive in, I invite you all to share suggestions and topic requests in the comments section below!

10. 6 Ways Bilingualism Can Further Your Career

CNN Money named bilingualism the hottest job skill in 2014. The corporate need for better language capabilities isn’t going anywhere. Bilingualism can increase your chances of landing the big job, but that’s not all. Check out this post for 5 other ways bilingualism will help you climb that ladder.

9. How to Say Paris the Correct Way

Our friend Itchy Feet explains the language learner’s greatest dilemma: how to pronounce proper nouns.


8. Losing Your Mother Tongue? Good

Itchy Feet returns with another hilarious, but all too relatable post for language learners. Have you ever immersed yourself so deeply in another language that you start to forget your own? You’re not alone.


7. 7 Ways to Memorize a Language and Still Understand It

When it comes to languages, some things can be memorized, but other things must be understood. This post will help you sort your language into those two piles and provides strategies for how to memorize faster and understand longer. Want to delve in deeper? Check out our free eBook on the same topic.


6. Just How Good is Your English?

We are so thrilled you enjoyed this post, because that means you’re enjoying our English proficiency game, Which is English? The game isn’t just for English learners, even native speakers have been stumped from time to time. Play for yourself and the new ranking feature will show you how you rate!


5. 5 Interesting Careers for Language Lovers

Not only were you interested in how bilingualism can boost your career, but you want to know what careers are out there for language learners. This post provides just a few of the many fields beyond translation that welcome language lovers. Be sure to check out the comment section for more ideas (thanks, readers!) and add some of your own.

4. 10 Problems Only a Language Lover Would Understand

Only an avid language learner can understand just how crazy learning a language can really be. Check out this post when language learning has got you down, or you’re in need of a laugh.

3. English: Germany’s Unofficial Second Language?

Itchy Feet strikes again, this time to provide insider tips about how to get Europeans to stop speaking English to you. Travelers to Germany, in particular, take note.


2. Remember Better with Toons and Tunes

Itchy Feet appears one last time on the countdown with very important advice for language learners: have fun. It is scientifically proven that having fun helps you remember, so have a laugh and find enjoyable ways to practice your language.

1. 7 Tips for Learning Multiple Languages Simultaneously

We always knew our readers were overachievers and the proof is in the post stats! Not only do you want advice about learning another language, you want to learn multiple languages at once. We invited Lindsay from Lindsay Does Languages to share her first hand experience juggling multiple languages.

So there we have it, 2015 is in the language books! If you have any other favorite posts from this year, or suggestions moving forward, please let us know in the comments. 

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