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How to “Change the Air” and Keep Things Fresh Posted by on Feb 29, 2016

Itchy Feet: Health Tip

The reason the comic above was written as taking place “in Switzerland” was that I had heard of this curious practice of opening all the windows of the house to “change the air” from a friend, who at the time was studying abroad in a small town near Zurich. Apparently the mother of his host family would…

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How Language Learning Makes You Want to Try New Things Posted by on Feb 24, 2016

Language and culture are hard to separate. You can’t really take one without the other – you can’t fully understand a language without understanding some of the culture in which it thrives, and you certainly can’t understand a culture without fully understanding its language. But to me, that relationship between language and culture actually has…

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Say Hello to the New CL-150 Posted by on Feb 22, 2016

For recreational language learners—who learn for fun, course credits, or travel—we proudly offer Transparent Language Online. But for those who need language training for professional purposes—to address military, diplomatic, commercial, medical or similar professional needs—we designed the CL-150 Platform. The CL-150 is at the core of our mission to transform the economics of language training, an endeavor…

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3 Languages With Surprising Origins Posted by on Feb 17, 2016

Itchy Feet: Slavic Inflection

I like to imagine that languages branch off one another like leaves on a tree, growing and growing and then, when the time is right, sprouting new languages of their own. This is an attractive and popular visual metaphor, but we all know that languages don’t evolve along straight paths from singular roots. More accurate would…

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Celebrate Digital Learning Day! Posted by on Feb 15, 2016

Technology is revolutionizing the way we do, well, just about everything. From communicating to shopping to learning, “there’s an app for that.”  Tech has turned the academic world upside down, and we’re not just talking about flipped classrooms. Digital learning can differentiate learning, speed up instruction, and remove time and place restrictions: “Digital learning…

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