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What has Transparent Language been up to in 2017? Posted by on Dec 11, 2017 in Company News, For Educators, For Learners, For Libraries

We advise language learners about the importance of reviewing what they’ve learned. As the year comes to a close, we’re doing a little review of our own to reflect on what we’ve accomplished this year and plan for the next.

We added three new languages to Transparent Language Online and the CL-150.
  • Hmong: There are large pockets of Hmong refugees in the U.S., from Minneapolis to Sacramento. To better serve those communities, we’ve added Hmong and ESL for Hmong speakers to our online platforms.
  • Nepali: In April 2015, the world needed more Nepali speakers to guide relief efforts following a massive earthquake. English speakers can now learn Nepali (and Nepali speakers can now learn English) in our online platforms.
  • Nahuatl: Ever learn about the Aztecs in your high school history class? Now you can learn their language! Thanks to Los Angeles-based non-profit Tlahtoltapazolli and 7000 Languages, you can now learn Nahuatl in Transparent Language Online. (A Nahuatl course for Spanish speakers is coming soon, too.)
We added features to Transparent Language Online and the CL-150 to better support serious language learners.
  • We’ve gone mobile! The web version of Transparent Language Online is now mobile responsive, meaning you can learn on your tablet or phone without sacrificing any activities, features, or content. In late-November, we also launched a brand new iPhone app, available for all users with a Transparent Language Online account. This new app has all of the latest and greatest features of the web version, with offline capabilities.
  • Push notifications: We have long recommended learning in short, frequent bursts. That’s why learners can now opt in to the “Daily Refresher”, a push notification that will show you your most stale vocab item each day. This simple notification serves as a reminder to get in your 15-20 of study time each day while ensuring you never forget what you’re working so hard to learn.
  • New typing and spelling activities: Learn the alphabet with Typing Tutor (to master a foreign keyboard layout) and Spelling Inspector (to master the alphabet in the context of actual words).
We added new courses to reach new audiences and proficiency levels.
  • 39 languages for native Spanish speakers: Most of our courses use English to teach a foreign language (or vice versa). We’re excited to announce that Transparent Language Online now offers language learning materials for native Spanish speakers. So, for example, a Spanish speaker can now learn Arabic, Russian, or Tamil using their native language—no need for English fluency!
  • Elementary English Conversations: We are thrilled to expand our English language offerings to reach younger learners. ESL students in grades 3-5 will love our Elementary Conversations in English Course. This course is available as a full-English immersion environment, as well as a Spanish-paired environment for native Spanish speakers learning English.
  • Teen Voices French: Intended for students or homeschoolers in grades 7-12, the 20-unit course focuses on the everyday life of a typical adolescent in France.
  • Homeschool package: We’ve packaged together our best Spanish and French resources for homeschoolers. Subscriptions include student accounts and instructor accounts, so homeschool parents can guide their students learning even if they don’t speak the language.
We’ve partnered with more libraries than ever to bring language learning materials to their communities.
  • Modern Library Award: Following our first win in 2016, Transparent Language Online won its second Platinum Award from the Modern Library Association.
  • Kidspeak: We’ve added Kidspeak to all library subscriptions, so young learners can get a head start on English, Spanish, French, or Mandarin Chinese!
Learn more about what we do at Transparent Language and how our online platforms can help you reach your language goals.
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