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The #1 Tool for Remote Language Teaching: A Library Card! Posted by on Aug 27, 2020 in For Educators, For Libraries

library card languages

We’re less than a week away from the beginning of September, and you know what that means! Back to school! Or stay-at-home school! Or hybrid school! Or… this used to be a lot more straight forward, didn’t it? Wherever your kids or students find themselves come September, the Unsung Superheroes of the Pandemic have got you…

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New: Advanced English Listening and Reading Lessons Posted by on Jun 9, 2020 in For Educators, For Learners, For Libraries, Learning Material Updates

Highly proficient English learners, you can now sharpen your listening and reading comprehension with the new Advanced Listening and Advanced Reading lessons in Transparent Language Online. The new advanced English lessons—ten listening-focused and ten reading-focused—are intended for learners near or at the CEFR C2/ACTFL Superior level. All lessons are based on authentic materials created by…

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New Image-Based Learning Activities Posted by on May 5, 2020 in For Educators, Lesson Authoring Updates

Transparent Language Online image explorer activity

Let’s get visual! Two new image-based activities are now available in the lesson authoring tool in Transparent Language Online for Education. We remember more of what we see than what we hear[1]—a fact that should be exploited particularly in language teaching. Images of objects bring vocabulary items to life and street scenes from far off…

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There’s a lesson for that. Posted by on Mar 31, 2020 in For Educators, Lesson Authoring Updates

online language lesson authoring

Or there could be in just a couple hours. A quick Amazon search for “advanced Spanish lessons” brings up 500+ results. But how many of those advanced Spanish lessons cover terminology relating to the ongoing crisis in Venezuela? Probably none. And what about materials for less common languages? A search for “Advanced Yoruba lessons”: zero…

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Transparent Language 2019 Year in Review Posted by on Dec 23, 2019 in Company News, For Educators, For Learners, For Libraries

transparent language platforms

Any serious language learner will know the importance of reviewing what you’ve learned. So, it’s only logical that we apply that practice ourselves and look back on what we’ve learned and accomplished in 2019. What have we been working on? The Transparent Language team spent a good chunk of 2019 improving and expanding our language…

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Expanding Our ESL Programs Posted by on Dec 11, 2019 in For Educators, For Learners, For Libraries, Learning Material Updates

You probably know that English is the most widely spoken language in the world. Of the world’s approximately 1.5 billion English speakers, an overwhelming majority speak it as a second language. Yet, here in the United States, we are facing something of a crisis in teaching, and learning, English as a second language (ESL) In…

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New in Lesson Authoring: Lesson Unlocking, Excel Import, and More Posted by on Apr 30, 2019 in For Educators, Lesson Authoring Updates

cl-150 lessongin lesson authoring

Instructors using the CL-150 Platform and Transparent Language Online can create custom lessons using LessonGin, our lesson authoring technology for quickly building compelling, multi-activity language lessons that work on almost all common smartphones, tablets and laptops. We recently added a new batch of features and updates to LessonGin that give instructors more flexibility and control…

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