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Designing Language Technology That is “Worth It” for Educators Posted by on Jul 2, 2018

ed tech for teachers

Educators’ confidence in digital tools is increasing, but legitimate concerns remain. Not all ed tech is designed or implemented equally, so how can language teachers find the right tools to meet their needs—and the needs of their students? A 2015 report by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation found a shift in the perception of…

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Should all foreign language instruction be proficiency-based? Posted by on Jun 25, 2018

We write often about language proficiency on this blog, from the different scales used to measure proficiency, to how you can assess your own proficiency level, and even how vocabulary size relates to proficiency level. A language proficiency scale provides a very useful, standardized measurement of one’s abilities. Proficiency, however, is not just a measure…

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How and Why to Self-Assess Your Language Skills Posted by on Jun 4, 2018

language self assessment

How well do you really know your second language? Thanks to self-assessment tools, you might be able to test yourself to find out. In today’s increasingly global economy, there is a growing awareness that multilingualism is a valuable skill. That’s why those of us who may have learned a second or third language earlier in…

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There is no “cut-off age” for learning a language Posted by on May 14, 2018

There are many myths surrounding language learning: some people are “gifted” with a language-learning gene, raising children bilingual will impair their English skills, and there’s no need to learn a language anyway because everyone speaks English. While those myths have been repeatedly debunked in recent years, there is one misconception that persists: a cut-off age…

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Measuring the cost of learning languages Posted by on May 7, 2018

How much does it cost to learn a language? With the demand for language skills sharply increasing, there may be a more pressing question: how much is it costing us not to learn languages? An opinion piece in the Economist casually states that language learning has become so affordable that “the cost of learning a language…

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