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Why all libraries should offer online language learning opportunities Posted by on Jan 8, 2018

At Transparent Language, we are firm believers that every language learner should have a library card. But what should every library have for language learners? Libraries are far from obsolete—if your mental image of a library conjures up dusty books, think again. Libraries are modern community and cultural centers, playing a critical role in the…

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Sorry STEM, Google just made the case for more foreign language education Posted by on Jan 1, 2018

Science, technology, engineering, and math are not the only (or perhaps even the most) valuable 21st century skills. Even Google says so. In the last decade, American education has been increasingly concerned with promoting STEM subjects. Between 2000 and 2010, the number of students enrolled in STEM degree programs increased 36%. Then-President Obama asked Congress for…

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Top 10 Language News Blog Posts of 2017 Posted by on Dec 18, 2017

Last week we discussed what we’ve been up to in 2017. Let’s look at what you have been up to (or at least what you’ve been reading) in 2017. These are the 10 most-read posts from the year. How Others See Your Language Learning Your language skills will be received different around the world. Read…

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What has Transparent Language been up to in 2017? Posted by on Dec 11, 2017

We advise language learners about the importannce of reviewing what they’ve learned. As the year comes to a close, we’re doing a little review of our own to reflect on what we’ve accomplished this year and plan for the next. We added three new languages to Transparent Language Online and the CL-150. Hmong: There are…

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Foreign Languages Should Not Be a Barrier to Natural Disaster Recovery Posted by on Dec 4, 2017

Natural disasters cannot be prevented, but the devastation can be mitigated through proper preparedness. That, of course, includes being prepared to communicate in different languages. In an analysis on post-disaster reconstruction, researchers from the Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction found that modern disaster management hinges on “communicating with communities, rather than communicating to communities”. …

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