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10 great Polish blogs for beginners Posted by on Jan 31, 2017 in Calendar, Culture, Grammar, History, Phrases, Places to visit, Polish Language

Hello everyone! It’s hard to start learning a new language, especially when you feel overwhelmed. I put a list of 10 great Polish blogs for beginners and hopefully that will make your learning adventure a little bit easier:)

1 I guess alphabet is always the first step…so let’s start here!

Alfabet – let’s have fun with Polish letters

2 A little history about the language you learn never hurt. We want to know the  history, before we learn the lanhuage, right?

Polish language is truly amazing!

3 World always looks better in colors! Let’s learn some colors in Polish!

Kolory tęczy

4 Family is really important. While learning a new language, we often talk about our family. We use family related words and phrases every day!

My Family – Moja Rodzina

5 Formal vs informal…which way to choose?

Formal vs informal speech in Polish

6 Word order in Polish grammar is definitely different than you are used to…Let’s get it right!

Word order in Polish grammar

7 Everything is more fun with a little bit of humor! Turn embarrassing language learning situations into fun ones! We all need to laugh more often, right?

Do you remember your most embarrassing language learning situation?!:)))

8 Traveling? Of course! What is a better way to learn language? Of course we all need helpful travel information about country we have never been to:

Helpful informations about traveling to Poland

9 Grammar is really important. This post list 10 great grammar blogs:

10 great Polish grammar posts!

10 For all travelers, what is worth visiting in Poland? Popular, known places…or the unknown, mysterious ones? You choose!

Unknown places in Poland worth visiting


Have fun learning!


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About the Author:Kasia

My name is Kasia Scontsas. I grew up in Lublin, Poland and moved to Warsaw to study International Business. I have passion for languages: any languages! Currently I live in New Hampshire. I enjoy skiing, kayaking, biking and paddle boarding. My husband speaks a little Polish, but our daughters are fluent in it! I wanted to make sure that they can communicate with their Polish relatives in our native language. Teaching them Polish since they were born was the best thing I could have given them! I have been writing about learning Polish language and culture for Transparent Language’s Polish Blog since 2010.


  1. Ruthie Titus:

    I read a question from Josh on the blog about the Dziubak family . I read it in Jan/Feb but may have been an older blog. Anyhow someone replied that the answer was Maria Kurylak from Regetow who came in 1909. That’s my grandmother. I replied several times to ask how that got that. No reply. Please help. Now I can’t find it. Thank you

  2. Ruthie Titus:

    Same person. Same question. Trying to find out Dziubak was related to Maria Kurylak. June 2017.
    Please someone read this