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12 months of the year in Polish Posted by on Feb 8, 2017 in Nature, Phrases

In today’s blog I wanted to talk about 12 months of the year in Polish. As we know, names of the months in Polish language are very unique! They sound amazing to me and I think that most of you will think the same! Just take a look:

Names of the months in Polish

Names of the months and their meaning

Styczeń is January in Polish. Usually pretty cold with snow in most of the places in Poland! Here are some great sayings about styczeń:

Polish sayings about January

Luty is February in Polish. Still cold and snowy!

Sayings about February

Marzec is March. Weather could go few different ways here…just read these sayings about marzec!

Polish sayings about March

Kwiecień here we come! Kwiecień is April in Polish!

Kwiecień, plecień, bo przeplata, trochę zimy, trochę lata…

Maj is my favorite month of the year! Maj is May in Polish.

How to plan Majówka weekend in Poland

Czerwiec is June in Polish language. We are half way through! Didn’t I tell that Polish months names sound awesome?

Facts about June – Czerwiec

Lipiec is July in Polish. Beautiful , warm month!

July – Lipiec

Sierpień is August in Polish!

August – Sierpień In Poland

Wrzesień is September! Kids go back to school and beautiful golden autumn in Poland starts!

September is here!

Październik is October in Polish!

Powiedzenia o październiku – sayings about October

Listopad – we are getting closer to the end of the year! Listopad is November in Polish!

Polish sayings about November

And finally we are at the end: Grudzień! It is of course December in Polish!

Sayings about December

Keep learning Polish with us!

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