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Keep calm, 2020 is almost over. 2021 is just around the corner, and it’s time to make New Year’s resolutions. If one of your resolutions is to improve your Chinese during the coming year, I advise you to devote more time, as much as possible, and use many resources, as many as available, in your studies. If you are looking for free tools you are welcome to use our Mandarin Chinese Word of the Day, and, of course, our blog. To make it easier, I summarized up a few subjects to delve in, all published in our blog in 2020 and previous years, suitable from beginners to advanced.

Useful Phrases for any Conversation

5 Chinese Daily Useful Phrases

Being Direct in Chinese

4 Must-Know Expressions for Chinese Beginner’s Traveling in China

How to Respond to Compliments in Chinese

Saying Goodbye in Chinese


Daily Used Verbs

25 Must-Know Chinese Verbs

A Good Morning Routine in Chinese

5 Useful Chinese Verbs for Clothing and Accessories

Want vs. Need in Chinese

The Chinese Verb to Wash 洗

Get Familiar with the Chinese Verb 熟悉


Common Adjectives

Chinese Adjectives

Describing People in Chinese (Appearance)

Describing People in Chinese (Personality)

5 Must-Know Chinese Adjectives to Describe People

Getting Fat in Chinese


Measure Words

Chinese Measure Words

10 Must Know Chinese Measure Words


Food & Beverage

Chinese Food Vocabulary: 50 Words and Phrases

3 Meals in China

Baozi vs. Jiaozi

Vegetarian Chinese Food

How to Cook a Chinese Dish

Talking About Eggs in Chinese

Chinese Cinderella Story: The Story behind Lao Gan Ma Chili Sauce

Lao Xiang Ji: Number One Top Chinese Fast Food Brand

The Taiwanese Bubble Tea Receives International Popularity

Luckin Coffee: The New Chinese Coffee

The Strong Stuff: BáiJiǔ (白酒)


Pleasure & Hobbies

My Hobbies (我的爱好)

Talking About Music in Chinese

Chocolate in China

Talking about Badminton in Chinese

Popular Chinese Websites

Chinese Names for All 30 NBA Teams

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Useful Vocabulary for Shopping in China

The Art of Bargaining (谈判技能)

How to Shop for Clothes in Mandarin

Buying Groceries in Chinese



25 Chinese Words and Phrases for Valentine’s Day

Marriage in China

Wedding Photos in China

China’s most famous actress announces split with fiancé


School Life

Going Back to School in China

Teachers’ Day in China

China’s Top 10 Universities

The Gaokao – The Most Important Exam in Chinese College Admissions

How to Deal with Pressure in Chinese



Chinese Winter Vocabulary

Warm Up with Chinese Hot Pot

Springtime in China

Chinese Summer Vocabulary

Chinese Authorities Fight to Prevent Men from Exposing their Bellies

Talking About Fall in Chinese


Art & Literature

Chinese Folk Art: New Year Paintings

Peking Opera

Xu Bing: An Introduction

“The Pity of Zhongyong”: The Story about a Child Prodigy

A Chinese Book Review: Chronicle of a Blood Merchant


Health & Medicine

Health Inspection

COVID-19 Chinese Vocabulary

How to Use the Chinese Word for Symptom

China Cesarean Section Rate

Postpartum Chinese Tradition: The Sitting Month

Chinese Medicine pt. 1: Introduction (中医)


As you’ve probably noticed, our blog revolves around all aspects of Chinese life. With more than thirteen hundreds posts so far, the above list is just on the tip of the fork. There’s a post with relevant vocabulary for almost any occasion – if you need to buy new glasses, if you are interested in politics, if you are invited to a Chinese wedding. Hopefully we will celebrate many weddings and will be invited to many events in the coming year.

Happy New Year, everyone! I wish you all health and joy. May the coming year will be filled with peace and happiness, family and friends. And, of course, Chinese learning. Join us in this fascinating journey of learning one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

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