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I’m sad to announce this will be my last post for Transparent Language’s Esperanto blog. It’s been wonderful working with Transparent Language and our community here. So, for my final article, I’ve decided to highlight our top ten most read articles as well as a few of my personal favorites.

Top Ten Most Popular Articles

Start Reading Esperanto Literature
This guest post is still the most popular article on this blog and for good reason. Many Esperanto speakers want to read Esperanto and just don’t know where to start. This will guide you with a quick overview, so you can get started! For a more in-depth look at Esperanto literature, I’d recommend the Concise Encyclopedia of Literature in Esperanto.

Facila Vento — Easy Reading in Esperanto
If you just want to start reading Esperanto, Facila Vento is an excellent place to start. Most articles also provide the text read aloud, so you can train your listening comprehension while you read too.

Muzaiko: 24 Hour Radio Station
Who would’ve thought this 24/7 Esperanto radio station would still be around 4 years later? Well, it’s still alive and well. In the meantime, be sure to also check out Esperanto-TV.

New Comic about Esperanto
The American comic artist, Dan Mazur, published an interesting 12-page comic about native Esperanto speakers.

Chinese Learns Esperanto in Just 5 Months
Some criticize Esperanto as being too European and thus too difficult for Asians. However, Zhu Xin proves the ease of Esperanto as he speaks Esperanto better after 5 months of study than English after 7 years! Still think Esperanto is too European? Check out this article by Claude Piron: Esperanto: European or Asiatic Language.

3rd Gen Native Esperanto Speaker: Nicole
It’s been a real pleasure to interview some native Esperanto speakers, which resulted in finding a 3rd gen native speakers: Nicole! Read his story along with his father’s, an Esperanto DJ and a school teacher. Later we ended up creating this video about natives:

Is Your Hobby a Waste of Time?
It’s funny how people criticize others for learning Esperanto, but make no judgment when it comes to other niche hobbies. Enjoy what you want and let life lead you on the most interesting adventures in whatever language you want!

Quick Esperanto Pronunciation Guide for English Speakers
I made this guide to help actors get up to speed as fast as possible in order to play Esperanto roles. However, it can also be useful to anyone who wants to start speaking Esperanto fast.

Trans in Esperanto
With the recent supreme court judgment, gay rights have been in the forefront in the news. However, transexuals are still often overlooked. This unique guest post gives us a glance at what it’s like to be trans in the Esperanto community.

How Esperanto Changed My Life
Do you really think Esperanto is useless? Here is my personal story of how Esperanto has been more useful than every other foreign language I’ve ever studied… and I’ve lived in Germany for the past ten years!

My Personal Favorites

The most popular is not always what was most dear to my heart. Here are articles I’m particularly proud of:

Lauren’s 6 Week Mission to Learn Esperanto
Benny Lewis set the Internet ablaze with his unusual mission to coach Lauren to learn Esperanto in 6 weeks! Also, don’t miss Benny’s famous post about how learning Esperanto can get you ahead in learning another language. Tim Morley continues on this topic in his TEDx Talk below:

Founding the Esperanto Wikipedia
In this four part series, I chronicled the founding of the Esperanto Wikipedia. Also, did you know the Czech Wikipedia was translated from Esperanto?

Tale of Two Keyboards
This was my experiment to test the waters of the Esperanto iOS app market. $240 earned until someone released their own free Esperanto keyboard forcing me to match it by making mine free as well.

New Games in Esperanto
I personally want to spend more time producing more Esperanto games as I feel this is an area of Esperanto culture that needs more work. Also, don’t miss Evildea’s amazing series teaching Esperanto with World of Warcraft.

Ĝis la revido! [Until the re-seeing!]

While it’s sad to write my last post for this blog, I want to give a special shout out to Transparent Language for giving our community a voice to tell our story to our many readers and wish them the best. I also want to thank our community from the bottom of my heart for all of your support and wish you the best with learning and using the international language in the years to come.

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About the Author: Chuck Smith

I was born in the US, but Esperanto has led me all over the world. I started teaching myself Esperanto on a whim in 2001, not knowing how it would change my life. The timing couldn’t have been better; around that same time I discovered Wikipedia in it’s very early stages and launched the Esperanto version. When I decided to backpack through Europe, I found Esperanto speakers to host me. These connections led me to the Esperanto Youth Organization in Rotterdam, where I worked for a year, using Esperanto as my primary language. Though in recent years I’ve moved on to other endeavors like iOS development, I remain deeply engrained in the Esperanto community, and love keeping you informed of the latest news. The best thing that came from learning Esperanto has been the opportunity to connect with fellow speakers around the globe, so feel free to join in the conversation with a comment! I am now the founder and CTO of the social app Amikumu.


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