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10 Most-Read Language News Posts of 2016 Posted by on Dec 28, 2016 in Archived Posts

Happy New Year, language learners! 2016 has gotten a bad rap, but we love to look back on another year of posts. Whether you’re a long-time reader or just stumbled upon the blog in 2016, we hope our posts have been informative, inspiring, and entertaining. By now we all know the importance of reviewing, so let’s review the most read posts of the year!

  1. Your Results May Vary: How Differently Your Language Learning Will Be Received

You may receive different reactions to your language skills, but your love for this humorous post was universal. Malachi Rempen, lovingly known as Itchy Feet, explains how his attempts at speaking the local language were met with varying responses throughout Europe.

  1. 10 Must-Watch TED Talks for Language Learners

You’re likely all familiar with TED Talks, but you probably haven’t seen all of these 10 Talks for language learners, including advice on becoming a better learner, discussions on how our languages affect us, and stories of language advocacy. Perfecting binge-watching material for your holiday break.

  1. When Your Brain Fights Back

Do you ever feel like your brain is fighting back against all of the new languages you’re cramming inside of it? You’re not alone—Itchy Feet feels your pain.

  1. Do you know “Which is English?”

To celebrate the release of our newest version of our Which is English proficiency game, we put together the following list of the five most challenging questions. Even native speakers seem to get them wrong! Do you know Which is English?

  1. Looks Aren’t Everything in Language Learning

Itchy Feet discusses the pros and cons of looking like a local when you’re abroad. If you don’t blend in, your language skills will take locals by surprise, usually in a good way. But if you do blend in and don’t speak the language… reactions might fall on the other end of the spectrum.

  1. Americans Speaking to Americans in French

Itchy Feet appears for the fourth and final time on this countdown to uncover how Americans speak to one another abroad. Do you always fall back into English when you’re speaking to other Americans?

  1. 3 Ways to Learn a Language with Wikipedia

If you’re not searching something on Wikipedia once a day, you’re not using the internet right. That’s a big of an exaggeration, but for language learners it’s actually good advice. In this post, Jakob gives language learners 3 good reasons to learn a language with Wikipedia.

  1. Learn 100+ Languages On the Go with Transparent Language for iPad

Apparently you were all as excited to share in our big news from this summer—Transparent Language Online is now available for iPads! Learn more about the app and start learning anytime, anywhere.

  1. Where to Find OERs for Your Language Classes

When 48% of educators polled in a higher education survey indicated that they had difficult locating Open Education Resources (OERs), we knew we had to step in. We’re glad we did—this list of our favorite OERs for language teachers was the ninth most viewed post of the year!

  1. Teach Language Asynchronously (Free eBook)

We love sharing our expertise with language teachers around the world, particularly when it comes to teaching languages in the virtual classroom. In this free eBook, we share the benefits and challenges of asynchronous teaching, best practices for setting up a Learning Management System (LMS), some of our favorite online learning tools, and more!

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