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What You Really Wanted to Know about Languages in 2014 Posted by on Jan 7, 2015 in Archived Posts

We’ve wrapped up another year here on the Language News Blog, and I dare say it was our best year yet. Whether you’ve read every post or you’re just clicking through for the first time, we want to make sure we’re helping you learn your second language efficiently, balance and maintain multiple languages over time, put your skills to use in new ways, and of course have a few laughs along the way.

In case you missed them, or if you need a little refresher, take a look through our 10 most popular blog posts of the year and find out what language learners like you really wanted to know about in 2014. As you continue on your language learning journey in 2015, what topics would you love to read about? Let us know in the comments!

1. 7 Ways to Memorize a Language and Still Understand It

There’s a big difference between memorizing something and actually understanding it. Memorization may help you pass biology, but it won’t help you communicate fluently in a foreign language over time. These 7 tips help you acquire the bits and pieces of a language and retain them in the long run. (If you want more on this topic, there’s even a free eBook download at the end of the post!)

2. 10 Problems Only a Language Lover Will Understand

That this GIF-laden posts ranks #2 for the year is a testament to the unparalleled joy and misery experienced by all language learners.


3. 7 Tips for Learning Multiple Languages Simultaneously

The more the merrier, as long as you have a plan. These 7 tips from guest blogger Lindsay Dow will help you juggle multiple languages simultaneously. (Want more on this topic? We also have this lovely SlideShare with additional tips!)

Image by Lindsay Dow

Image by Lindsay Dow

4. The 6 Stages of Language Comprehension

When does one go from a “learner” of a language to a “speaker”? This amusingly accurate post by Malachi Rempen of Itchy Feet Comic explores six different stages of language comprehension.


5. Speak German, Yoda Would

Malachi strikes again in this insightful post on the mind-blowing word order of German (at least for a native English speaker).

german word order6. How to Keep Multiple Languages Straight

It’s a hat trick for Malachi, whose third post in the top 10 discusses his frustrations with—and tips to avoid—mixing up languages in his head.


7. 12 Things Language Learners Like

Remember our #2 post on language learner problems? Before you get all gloom-and-doom, check out this post on language learner triumphs!


8. 5 Interesting Careers for Language Lovers

If you love languages, but you’re not sure what to do with them, this post is for you. We explore 5 potential careers for multi-linguals beyond the obvious translation and interpretation gigs.


9. Romantic Languages: Not Necessarily Romance Languages

Speaking a foreign language is an attractive quality in general, but some languages appeal to certain people more than others. Malachi explores language stereotypes like the harsh sound of German and the sexiness of romance languages in this year’s 9th most popular post.


10. Why on Earth Would You Learn That Language?

Learning a less common language? Ever been asked “why on earth would you learn that language?” We’ve got an answer (or 10) for that question.

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